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2019, new stage of demanding objectives and challenges for SSR Iberia.

SSR Iberia starts the year with the opening of a 5th office to cover operations concentrated in Galicia

  • Manuel Pérez Buide will manage the new headquarters from Lugo.

SSR Iberia, the leading company in Insurance for Real Estate Promotion and Construction decided to add a new delegation in Galicia to its structure, thus giving continuity in 2019 to its strong expansion project started a couple of years ago. The new office, located in Lugo, offers a comprehensive service and local coverage to all the operations concentrated in the area of Galicia where SSR has experienced an increasing demand. It is therefore a matter of continuing to bet on giving a fast, personal and quality service to all its insured.

SSR Iberia, with its main office in Madrid, has signed Manuel Pérez Buide, for his extensive professional career and important skills in the management and negotiation of specialized coverage such as surety and surety insurance.

This territorial expansion occurs after the successful opening of offices in Barcelona, Seville and Valencia, which has served to guarantee customers an agile, high-quality, specialized and personalized level of service, which ultimately places SSR Iberia at the head of the leadership in its market segment: insurance of anticipated amounts, decennial insurance and surety.

About SSR Iberia

SSR Iberia is the leading Insurance Underwriting Agency in the field of Construction and Real Estate Promotion, made up of industry specialists with more than 30 years in the industry. Its objective is to provide the best service to clients and mediators by offering them the best insurance solutions with levels of benefits that their competitors can not match.

SSR Iberia brings an expert human team, its subscription center in Madrid with delegations covering the whole peninsula and islands, a wide network of mediators and the insurance support of large companies such as Liberty Mutual Insurance for all its lines of activity.

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