General and technical surety bonds


Mainly specialized in operations linked with the Building sector and the Real Estate development and promotion
Additional study of different contexts (e.g. between private parties) under very favorable financial conditions for the policyholder
Financial capacity of up to 5 million Euros or more if justified

Risk Types

  • Surety for exchanges in plot of land purchases
  • Technical surety (waste-disposal management, damages in public places)
  • Surety for public work tenders (provisional or final)
  • Surety of procurement guarantee for public works

Who is it for?

  • Guarantee in favor of the land seller for the posterior delivery of the commited elements
  • Promoters before the Public Administration or a Private Agent
  • Promoters who constitute this guarantee to avoid the cash down-payments for 100% of the transaction

SSR Values

  • Study of multiple guarantee circumstances
  • Quote in less than 48 hours
  • Personalized customer service

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