Decennial insurance/latent deffects isurance (SDD)

Decennial Damage

  • Risks subject to LOE and other activities with non-compulsory insurance
  • Supplementary warranties
  • Capacity to underwrite assured amounts up to 20 million Euros

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French Decennial Damage

  • Promoters in France both of new construction and refurbishing activities
  • Warranty of compulsory legal base (Loi Spinetta)
  • Suplementary warranties (Bon Functionnement)
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RC Decennial
for foreign companies

  • French promoters working with non-French construction companies or professionals
  • Foreign construction companies or professionals operating on French territory in specific single works

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SSR/SDD Values

  • Underwriting new and complete work
  • Quotation in less than 48 hours
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Personalized technical study by our architects' office
  • Underwriting of certain risks through a report of Decennial Damage Verification (IVRD)

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