Our Team

Mª José García Mediavilla


I have been working in Human Resources, consulting and multinational companies for over 20 years. My professional career has been linked to professional development in the different phases of the talent cycle and the employee's work life. I have managed development and talent acquisition departments, being part of centers of excellence.

I bring multisectoral experience. I started in the Vips group, Carrefour GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb. In consulting I have worked for companies in the financial sector. FMCG, Automotive, IT, Industry and Utilities among others.

I like people, it satisfies me to work with people and for people, enhancing their abilities and accompanying them in achieving their goals, I enjoy and I am especially excited about the moments that pose a challenge and that contribute in some way, to make this World a better place.

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